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Paperless Elevator Maintenance

The paperless office maintenance of elevators has been fully implemented in southern China, and now northern China is also starting to implement it. A relevant department in a northern city held a paperless maintenance training meeting, with hundreds of elevator maintenance companies participating. According to local requirements, two people are required to use a facial software to maintain the elevator. The software has a positioning function, and maintenance requires uploading four images for each elevator. There are also requirements for the duration of each elevator. PS: Maintaining an elevator requires 2 people, which is a local regulation. This software links elevator companies and regulatory departments. If the maintenance plan exceeds 15 days, the system will prompt, and relevant regulatory departments will also receive such prompts. So with this software, it's very easy to check for overdue maintenance. But there is also a problem that arises, which requires leaving Sunday, National Day, and other holidays available for maintenance in advance. For example, if an elevator is serviced on September 18th and the next one is on October 30th, but the National Day holiday is over, it should be done before September 30th. However, another maintenance should be done before the maintenance on October 18th to ensure that the next month's plan is not disrupted. Under such regulatory measures, some elevator operators feel that they can effectively shut down small companies, resulting in insufficient human resources and increased workload. They may need to add specialized maintenance, emergency maintenance, and major repair teams. Corresponding personnel increase, small companies disappear, and maintenance premiums may increase.

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