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Elevator Safety Components

Elevator safety components are an important part of ensuring the safety of passengers and equipment. They include emergency stop devices, overload protection devices and rescue systems, among others. The role of elevator safety components is to monitor and respond to potential fault conditions to ensure safe operation of the elevator. FUJISCH provides a variety of elevator safety components, such as safety gear, emergency braking devices, and heavy-duty protection devices, to protect the safety of passengers and equipment.

Elevator Safety Components for Sale

Elevator Safety Component Features

  • Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to elevator systems, and at FUJISCH, we prioritize the well-being of passengers by incorporating advanced safety components into our elevators. Our elevator safety component features are designed to ensure reliable and secure operation, providing peace of mind to building owners and occupants.

  • Our elevators are equipped with overspeed governors, which are essential safety devices that monitor the elevator's speed. In the event of an overspeed condition, the governor activates the safety brake system, preventing the elevator from exceeding safe operating speeds and ensuring passenger safety.

Safety Compliance Standards for Elevator Safety Components

  • Elevators must have sufficient structural strength and stability to withstand rated loads and stresses in various emergencies to ensure passenger safety.

  • The electrical system of the elevator must comply with relevant electrical safety standards, including proper grounding, insulation and overload protection to prevent electrical failures from causing fire or electric shock risks.

  • The mechanical components of an elevator require rigorous testing and quality control to ensure proper functioning and durability. This includes elevator doors, buffers, drive systems and more.

  • Elevators must be equipped with various safety devices, such as emergency stop buttons, safety door locks, speed limiters and overload protection devices, as well as emergency communication equipment, so as to ensure the safety of passengers in emergency situations.

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