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Elevator Buffer

The elevator buffer is a device installed at the bottom of the elevator shaft to reduce the impact force when the elevator reaches the end position. They absorb the kinetic energy of the elevator, protecting passengers and equipment from accidental shocks.

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Types of Elevator Buffers

  • Hydraulic buffers are one of the most common types of elevator buffers. The hydraulic buffer has the characteristics of simple structure and high reliability, and is suitable for most elevator systems.

  • Spring buffers use springs to absorb and release energy, with small volume and high energy absorption capacity, suitable for elevator installations with limited space.

  • The inertial mass buffer uses the principle of inertia to slow down the movement of the elevator, suitable for high-speed elevators and heavy-duty elevators, and can provide greater energy absorption capacity.

  • The friction buffer reduces the impact force by increasing the friction force of the elevator when it is moving. It has high durability and stability and is suitable for elevators that run for a long time and frequently start and stop.

Importance of Elevator Buffers for Passenger Safety

Elevator buffers are critical to passenger safety and they play a key role in elevator systems. The main function of the elevator buffer is to absorb the impact force during the operation of the elevator, and reduce or eliminate the impact caused by the sudden stop or start of the elevator. They can effectively reduce the shock and bumps experienced by passengers during the ride, providing a smoother ride experience. In extreme cases, such as when the elevator breaks down or falls, the buffer can effectively slow down the downward speed and reduce the damage caused by the accident. The quality and performance of the buffers provided by FUJISCH meet the safety requirements to ensure the safety and health of passengers.

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