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The elevator Monarch system is a type of elevator modernization system used to upgrade old traction elevators to the latest technology. It is designed to improve the elevator's performance, safety, and efficiency.

The Monarch system uses advanced design, sensors, software, and hardware to enhance the elevator's functionality, performance, and safety. The system is based on the prediction of the car's behavior, with the elevator's control system using algorithms to anticipate the car's motion and adapting to it proactively. 

In addition, the Monarch system replaces old components like the controller, drive, door operator, and other equipment with high-tech and energy-efficient replacements that meet modern building code standards. For instance, the replacement of the old inefficient DC motor and gearbox with energy-efficient synchronous motor and digital frequency converter.

The Monarch system also provides enhanced passenger safety features like LED lighting, emergency communication interfaces, and backup power supply systems for various emergency events. In case of emergencies, the system's digital monitoring and control equipment notifies maintenance personnel and sends diagnostic data to the technicians to facilitate quick resolution of the problem.


Features of Monarch Elevator Controller

  • Efficient operation: Elevator MONARCH System adopts advanced control technology and algorithms, which can achieve efficient operation of elevators, maximum improving the elevator's operational efficiency, and reducing passenger waiting times.

  • Safety and reliability: Elevator MONARCH System is equipped with multiple safety protection measures, such as machine room temperature control, emergency braking system, fault self-diagnosis, and remote monitoring, which can ensure the safe operation of elevators, avoiding the occurrence of faults and dangers.

  • Flexibility and scalability: Elevator MONARCH System has high flexibility and scalability, providing customized design and optimal upgrades according to user needs to meet the requirements of different buildings and scenarios and provide more satisfactory elevator services.

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Monarch Elevator Controller

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