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Elevator Door System

The elevator door system is a key part of the elevator entrance and exit. It includes door leaf, door operating mechanism and safety device etc. Elevator door systems are designed to keep passengers safe while providing efficient access to and from the elevator. FUJISCH's elevator door system has a high degree of safety and reliability, ensuring smooth and safe passage of passengers in and out of the elevator. Our elevator door system adopts advanced sensors and controllers, which can quickly respond to commands, ensuring smooth opening and closing of elevator doors and anti-pinch functions.

Elevator Door System for Sale

Types of Elevator Doors

  • Manual Sliding Doors: They are operated manually by passengers or elevator attendants, often found in older or smaller elevators.

  • Automatic Sliding Doors: They are equipped with sensors that detect the presence of passengers or objects in the doorway. When activated, the doors slide open automatically, allowing passengers to enter or exit the elevator car.

  • Center Opening Doors: Center opening doors consist of two panels that slide open towards the center of the elevator car. They are commonly used in larger elevators and are suitable for high-traffic areas where a larger door opening is required.

  • Telescopic Doors: Telescopic doors are designed for narrow elevator shafts or limited space situations.

  • Folding Doors: Folding doors are commonly used in freight elevators or industrial applications where a larger door opening is required to accommodate bulky or oversized goods.

  • Vertical Bi-parting Doors: Vertical bi-parting doors are designed for elevators with limited horizontal space.

Safety Features of Elevator Door Systems

  • Door Sensors: When an obstruction is detected, the sensors signal the doors to stop closing and reopen, preventing any potential injury or entrapment.

  • Door Reversal Mechanism: When excessive force is detected, such as when someone or something is caught in the doors, the mechanism triggers the doors to reverse direction and open again.

  • Door Interlocks: Door interlocks are mechanical devices that ensure the elevator does not operate unless all doors are securely closed.

  • Emergency Stop Button: These buttons allow passengers to halt the elevator's operation in case of an emergency or if they feel unsafe.

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Get to Know about FUJISCH
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