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elevator group control


Enhancing Elevator Efficiency and Intelligence!

Our company, FUJISCH, specializes in delivering top-notch elevator solutions. We are proud to introduce our advanced Elevator Group Control Program, designed to revolutionize the way elevators operate. With a focus on optimizing efficiency and intelligence, our program offers the following features:

  • Diverse Traffic Modes: Our program encompasses five distinct traffic modes, catering to various scenarios, including up peak, down peak, instantaneous peak, normal mode, and energy-saving mode. This versatility ensures that the elevator group adapts seamlessly to different traffic patterns.

  • Intelligent Crowd Control: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our program intelligently learns crowd control situations. By analyzing historical crowd flow data, it can predict and adjust the traffic pattern proactively. This adaptive approach enables the program to achieve the optimal group control mode, maximizing the efficiency of people flow.

  • Versatile Group Control: Our program supports multiple group control strategies, including common group control, destination layer group control, and hybrid group control. This flexibility allows for tailored solutions based on specific building requirements and passenger needs.

  • Real-Time Customization: Our program empowers users to set and modify various modes in real-time, ensuring dynamic adaptation to daily and weekly fluctuations in passenger flow. This adaptability guarantees that the elevator group operates at peak efficiency at all times.

  • Experience the Future of Elevator Group Control with FUJISCH. Our program promises unrivaled efficiency, intelligence, and customization to transform the way people move within your building.

more efficient elevator


Enhancing Safety and Convenience at Elevator Entrances!

At FUJISCH, we are committed to providing exceptional elevator solutions, and our Car Door Equipped with Infrared Light Curtain exemplifies this dedication. Our innovative feature offers a comprehensive range of infrared light curtain protection barriers, ensuring effective monitoring of the elevator entrance area. With a strong focus on safety, this advanced technology enables seamless movement while maintaining a high level of security.


Experience the Power of Intelligent Control!

Our elevators are equipped with a fully integrated, computer-based intelligent control system. This advanced control system enhances elevator performance by enabling faster and comprehensive data processing. Through the utilization of intelligent algorithms, our elevators dynamically adapt to changing conditions, ensuring a smoother and more efficient ride for passengers.


Elevating Comfort to New Heights!

Incorporating Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology, our elevators provide an exceptional level of comfort. With optimized operating curves, we minimize vibrations, resulting in a calm and elegant ride. Bid farewell to jolts and disruptions as our elevators deliver a seamlessly smooth experience, prioritizing passenger comfort.

Choose FUJISCH for Elevators that Prioritize Safety, Intelligence, and Comfort. Experience the difference today!

elevator health


Prioritizing Safety and Well-being!

At FUJISCH, we value the health and well-being of our customers. Our elevators are designed to operate without generating harmful electromagnetic radiation. With our permanent magnet synchronous gearless elevator technology, you can rest assured that the electromagnetic radiation produced during operation will not impact the health of your family or interfere with the normal functioning of household appliances and mobile devices.


Clean, Quiet, and Efficient!

Our elevators are engineered to be environmentally friendly in multiple ways. Firstly, they eliminate the need for regular grease renewal, minimizing maintenance requirements and reducing the chance of oil stains polluting the surroundings. Secondly, our elevators operate with minimal noise, creating a natural and peaceful environment for passengers. Lastly, our advanced technology ensures a smooth and seamless ride, enhancing passenger comfort while optimizing energy efficiency. Compared to conventional technologies, our elevators can save up to 40% of energy, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Choose FUJISCH for Elevators that Prioritize Health, Environmental Responsibility, and Efficiency. Experience the difference today!