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Elevator Guide Rail

Elevator guide rails are structural elements that support the operation of elevators. They are usually made of steel material and installed in the elevator shaft. The design and manufacturing quality of elevator guide rails are directly related to the stability and ride comfort of the elevator. FUJISCH's high-quality elevator guide rails ensure the smooth operation and accurate alignment of the elevator.

Elevator Guide Rail for Sale

Types of Elevator Guide Rails

  • T-shaped guide rail is one of the most common types of elevator guide rails, and its cross-sectional shape is "T"-shaped. It has the advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost, convenient installation, etc., and is suitable for most low-rise and middle-rise elevators.

  • U-shaped guide rail is stronger and more stable than T-shaped guide rail. It is suitable for high-speed and high-rise elevators and can withstand greater load and lateral force.

  • The steel belt guide rail is made of thin steel belt, which has a small cross-sectional size and weight, and is suitable for elevator installations with limited space.

  • The magnetic levitation guide rail adopts magnetic levitation technology to realize the levitation and guidance of the elevator, without direct contact surface, which reduces wear and friction, and provides a smoother and quieter ride experience.

Benefits of High-Quality Elevator Guide Rails

  • Stability: High-quality elevator guide rails can provide stable support and guidance to ensure the stability of the elevator during operation.

  • Guidance: High-quality guide rails can ensure that the elevator moves along the track accurately during operation, avoiding deviation and slipping.

  • Durability: High-quality guide rails are made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, which can withstand long-term operation and heavy loads.

  • Reduce noise: High-quality guide rails can reduce noise caused by friction and vibration during elevator operation.

  • Safety: High-quality guide rails are equipped with necessary safety devices, such as guide rail impactors and limit devices, which can prevent the elevator from exceeding the specified operating range or other accidents.

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