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Gearless Elevator Traction System

The gearless elevator traction system adopts advanced technology to provide the running force of the elevator by directly driving the electric motor. Compared with traditional gear drive systems, gearless elevator traction systems have higher efficiency, lower energy consumption and smoother operation. This system has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, smooth operation, low noise and low maintenance cost. The gearless design also reduces friction loss, improving the efficiency and life of the elevator.

Gearless Elevator Traction System for Sale

Gearless Elevator Traction System Solution

  • FUJISCH provides best-in-class gearless elevator traction system solutions based on the latest technological innovations and industry standards. Our system adopts advanced control algorithm and intelligent system, which can precisely control the operation and position of the elevator. The gearless design eliminates the gear wear and noise problems in the traditional transmission system, making the elevator run more smoothly and silently.

  • We also pay attention to the reliability and safety of the system, and adopt multiple fault detection and protection measures to ensure that the elevator can operate safely under any circumstances. By choosing our gearless elevator traction system solutions, you will enjoy the superior performance and reliability brought by advanced technology.

Choice of Geared and Gearless Elevator Traction System

Choose the best type of elevator which will be budget-friendly always. Budget plays an important role. For the elevator, you have to check and select the best type of budget as per your need and requirement. Geared and gearless elevators both are important but the difference is, geared less elevator is more trendy than the geared elevator. But both have some pros and cons. Check the following features and try to analyze which one will be best for you. We are always ready to provide our clients best guidance and benefits.

  • Wheel standing

  • The needs of the computer room

  • Energy consumption

  • Comfort

  • Capacity issues

  • Operational efficiency

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Get to Know about FUJISCH
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