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Common Red Line for Vertical Elevator Maintenance

Level 1 red line: Safety circuit violation short circuiting. When the elevator operates with a door lock or safety circuit short circuited, the corresponding protective effect will be partially or completely ineffective. Door locks include car locks and floor locks; The safety circuit includes all safety switches: machine room emergency stop switch, manual turning gear detection switch, speed limiter switch, car safety exit switch, car top stop switch, car interior stop switch, safety gear switch, inorganic room elevator car fixed device reset switch, upper limit switch, lower limit switch, pit stop switch, buffer switch, tension wheel switch, shaft safety door switch, etc. The situation where the safety device fails on the 1.5 level red line of a vertical elevator belongs to the 1.5 level red line. 1. The safety switch cannot operate effectively due to inadequate adjustment; 2. Failure of safety protection devices, such as missing or poorly fixed door sliders; The car roof guardrail is missing or poorly fixed; Poor fastening of counterweight blocks; The upper limit switch and lower limit switch are invalid. 3.

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